Grammars are all over the place

Grammars are all over the place and words are repetitive, you said as you judged me with your perfect non-native accent and near-infinite vocabulary. Your tone was as scathing as ever, I don’t think it ever truly changed. You are the reason why I’m so scared to show myself into the world, or even to you, because you make me feel like I need to always be inferior to you.

You undermine people because you hate yourself too much to admit that you’re scared of people undermining you.

I wish to be free of you someday. I wish you don’t have to always be around everywhere I go. I wish you weren’t my reflection of everything I wish I could be and everything I’m glad I’m not. I wish you weren’t part of me that I can only repress but can never get rid of. And most of all, I wish I was stronger even with you within me.